Why is the HeartQuest® an important tool?

1. it is a window into all the major systems of the body, their interconnectivity and how they function to maintain health

2. it is easy for the physician and therapist to interpret, and for the patient or client, the visual information is relevant and impactful

3. HeartQuest shows an incredible amount of information about: autonomic nervous system activity, the central nervous system, overall hormone activity, five elements from Chinese medicine, signs of thyroid disorders, and actual age vs. biological age. Energy balance in each endocrine system is visually displayed.

4. measures HRV and shows how stress affects the patient’s well-being, with information on how to improve adaptability

5. individualized breathing program proven through research to improve the balance of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems

6. an easy-to-use 5-minute scan with information on key indicators

7. Results between successive measurements are easy to visualize for comparison.

8. manage your patients’ therapies and results.