HeartQuest is an easy-to-use 5-minute scan. Electrodes are placed on the wrists, which are connected to the computer software. Information is captured and analyzed, providing HRV data and physiological measurements in an easy-to-read format. Once baseline information is captured, each subsequent scan can be visually compared to monitor changes and the interconnectivity of these identified parameters can be understood.

Here is a list of key indicators that are measured:

Cardiovascular Adjustment
Stress index
Autonomic Balance Index
SDNN (standard deviation from normal to normal)
Centralization index
Vital force – indicates the energy level the body needs to process therapies
Neuro-Hormonal Regulation
HPA – axis
Metabolic pyramid – representative of anabolic and catabolic states, ideal for measuring energy levels/endurance
Fractal biorhythm analysis
Hormone and mineral ratio, including thyroid function index
Meridian diagram
Total Power – an indicator of exhaustion
Aging: biological vs. actual age