A new era of regulatory medicine begins

Many facts have been known in energy and information medicine for a long time, but despite all this, the development of the TELEONIC is another milestone in regulatory medicine. The existing technical know-how flows into gently acting, highly effective treatment methods.

The highly complex conditions of the natural, healthy living environment can be recreated with the TELEONIC, under which our body cells individually resonate. This technique is the world’s first possibility of using neutrino oscillation, the body is offered the combination of light, magnetism and frequencies to go into a specific, individual resonance.

In a test phase lasting over 7 years, with thousands of test persons and innumerable far-reaching successes, the TELEONIC 2020 was presented to the public. In the last few years, a large number of therapists, doctors, alternative practitioners and other healing professions have taken a liking to the simple applicability and the broad spectrum of the field of application.

Whether maintaining healthy regulation, or stabilizing energetic imbalances, the gentle, side-effect free application is found to be extremely pleasant. Within a few minutes, the user notices a gentle energy boost and a feeling of relaxation and mental lightness.

The TELEONIC immediately provides energy and raises the energy level in our body through neutrino oscillation. Through this energy, important metabolic processes are set in motion, which are vital for the utilization of nutrients. Our cells are thus supplied faster and more efficiently and can also regenerate better. All levels of our organism are addressed and optimized.